Eden Leisure in Quickfire acquisition

Eden Leisure Group has acquired a majority stake in Quickfire, a Maltese video game and eSports event company.

Quickfire has been operating for the last three years, building an active community of passionate gamers through hosting of events in the field of eSports.

The eSports industry is one of the quickest growing industries and is estimated to be valued at approximately $696 million in 2017. This sector essentially involves competitively played video games and has become a key component for brands to reach millennial audiences in a meaningful way.

Top international brands that are attracted to eSports events include Red Bull, Gillette, Snickers & Intel, whilst major sports teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers, Roma AC, Paris Saint-Germain, and Schalke 04 are also building up eSports divisions alongside their main teams.

“We’re thrilled that Eden Leisure Group have subscribed wholeheartedly to our vision for eSports in Malta & abroad,” said Simon Theuma, CEO of Quickfire.

“This allows us to chase even loftier goals, and having Eden Leisure’s resources at our disposal to deliver the best experiences for our audience is quite literally, a game-changer. It’s time to start taking video games and eSports seriously as an industry, and for companies to recognize the value and potential that it offers. A

Simon De Cesare, Director of Operations for Eden Leisure Group, said that “This is an industry which is close to our heart. We appreciate the synergies in the eSports market and the market we serve through our radio station, 897 Bay, and our other entertainment industries and appreciate the possible growth prospects of this industry. While there has to be a focus on the local scene there are significant opportunities on the international scene too which allows to utilise our hospitality venues to the fullest. ”