Esports events

Niche tourism with global exposure opportunities


Operations similar to music festival tourism events


Global market is expected to double in three years

Our Plan

To push gaming production to a global exposure

Stabilities the growth of companies within 10 years

Having double-digits growth in the first 3 years

Our Aim

We want to build a strong local ecosystem 

Attract International Competitions 

Attract niche tourism 

Provide new job opportunities in Digital Arts, Media and Esports Business 


Suitably qualified local talent

GamingMalta and EGIM are to organise and co-ordinate:

 Scholarships and work placements for Maltese students  

International Masters classes in Malta to promote educational tourism and centres of excellence 


Efforts to attract local and international Esports organisations to develop a multi-year programme for a local grassroot esport ecosystem and the organisation of international events 

Help local talent to grow and succeed.

Promote Malta through millions of online viewers.

Educate about responsible gaming and careers in Esports.