What is GamingMalta?


GamingMalta is an independent non-profit foundation set up by the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Tasked with the remit of promoting Malta as a Centre of excellence in the remote gaming sector globally, it is also responsible for liaising with the local relevant authorities to improve Malta’s attractiveness as a jurisdiction and enhance the ecosystem surrounding the gaming industry.

GamingMalta primarily aims to:


Promote Malta as the world’s premier online gaming jurisdiction and a centre of excellence and raise Malta’s profile as a quality jurisdiction for the licensing and regulation of gaming companies, both locally and internationally.

GamingMalta is committed to:

  • Promoting ownership of the Malta brand among all stakeholders to strengthen Malta’s position with the gaming industry;
  • Engaging with stakeholders and providing business support to ensure that Malta is the most attractive environment for the gaming industry to thrive;
  • Standing out through innovative ideas and leading the iGaming industry through research and promotion of the Maltese jurisdiction so as to be a proactive, dynamic catalyst for change;
  • Accelerating growth in the gaming sector by creating a dynamic marketing mechanism anticipating market changes;
  • Bringing stakeholders together – ensuring close cooperation while creating business and networking opportunities for firms working in the sector;
  • Establishing the necessary expertise and foresight to future proof the gaming sector in Malta;
  • Supporting the MGA in implementing the brand strategy and road map development for the gaming industry;
  • Collaborating with other Maltese sectoral promotion bodies to promote the overall image of Malta.


We wish to emphasise that regulation of the gaming sector and all regulatory responsibilities remain with the MGA and that GamingMalta plays no role in regulation.

Message from the GamingMalta Chairman

“The foundation of GamingMalta represents a significant step forward for Malta’s gaming industry. We want gaming in Malta to excel through the quality, innovation and choice it offers to consumers and GamingMalta’s chief objective will be to develop Malta as an international brand of excellence.

Besides promoting the Malta brand internationally, GamingMalta will act as a forum to bring all industry stakeholders together – be they operators, intermediaries or service providers – with the aim of fostering and enhancing industry cooperation and communication. I truly believe that only through improved, sustained communication can the industry as a whole progress.

Malta is one of the global leaders in online gaming with a strong regulatory framework and sophisticated ecosystem supporting the industry. Malta innovates, whilst providing a depth of quality, care and intelligence to its services that is unmatched by other jurisdictions.

GamingMalta aims to promote and support these strengths in the years ahead to ensure that Malta remains the jurisdiction of choice for iGaming companies across the globe, whilst anticipating the industry’s growing and changing needs”.

Christian Sammut
Chairman GamingMalta


Christian Sammut
Dr James Scicluna
Board Member
Maria Micallef
Board Member
Roger Strickland Jr
Board Member
Dr Jesmond Manicaro
Board Member
Anthony Gatt
Board Member
George Debrincat
Board Member
Dr Matthew Bondin
Board Secretary
Ivan Filletti
Head of Operations & Business Development

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