EC TV: The iGaming world is constantly changing, Malta Gaming Authority tell us how they manage to stay ahead

"'Malta is an island of entrepreneurs’ Ivan Filletti proudly proclaims, GamingMalta's Head of Operations and Business Development.

This week on ECTV we meet the men keeping The Malta Gaming Authority ahead of the game, Ivan Fellitti and Executive Chairman Joseph Cuschieri tell us just how since formation in 2004 the authority has managed to stay ahead and are always looking towards the future to evolve around new technologies and legislation.

The Gaming Industry has evolved from the static structure of brick and mortar casinos to the innovation of iGaming that relies on high-tech innovations to increase player interactivity and make it possible for gaming to be available anytime and anywhere.

These developments have led to new challenges when it comes to defining the conceptual legal parameters. Regulators are increasingly recognising the importance of having an effective and holistic, legislative framework and corporate structure that enables them to face new challenges head on."