MrGreen Ltd

Why and since when have you been based in Malta?

I’ve been in Malta since 2011. I originally moved for Malta’s excellent regulatory system but Malta has now also become the European hub for iGaming with a good infrastructure and there is a lot of talent gathered in one place.

What things are there about Malta that make you operate here?

Malta has become the hub for iGaming in Europe with solid regulation, preferable tax levels and a lot of talent in one place.

Can you give us an example of where Malta’s i-gaming set-up has helped your business?

Being so close to the competition guarantees that you have to perform to the best of your abilities all of the time.

What would you recommend to others about Malta?

From a personal point of view, the climate and Malta provides a very relaxing life style (outside of work at the very least). From a Mr Green perspective, we believe that a concentrated industry grows faster than one that is more spread out (see Silicon Valley as an example).

Any good things about Malta that you don’t think are often spoken of?


The Maltese people, friendly ambitious and very keen to protect the iGaming industry.

What is your best experience of Malta on a business level?

Without doubt the team we have here; roughly 150 amazing colleagues.

And on a personal level?

All the smiles I get wherever I go. From both competitors and Maltese locals.

Can you give me a snapshot of your working day?

I start with running or swimming at sun rise and then I take my long board from my apartment to the office, then the day is just packed with meetings, e-mail, presentations, ideas and laughs. I think like most other executives on the island. And then the long board home for dinner and perhaps some more running.

What’s your favourite part of Malta and why?

Without a doubt; the sea. I grew up in Paris and London where people escaped the town by going to the countryside. In Malta, we simply get on a boat and enjoy the amazing Mediterranean pleasures. In most countries, boat season is rather short, but Malta is able to enjoy it at least 9 months a year. This is pure happiness.