Director of Human Resources
Tipico Co. Ltd

Can you say a little bit about your job and explain what you do?

I am currently the Director of Human Resources for Tipico.  My focus is on HR strategy, HR marketing, talent acquisition, talent retention and rewards. Essentially my team and I provide the end-to-end HR services for the organisation, emphasising culture and well-being.

How and why did you get into what you are doing?

I always like to say I got into HR by accident. I had been working in a marketing role previously and conducted a small project with an HR team.  The leader of that team then asked me to join them, and I did. After moving into the HR function I saw how I could make a real difference by approaching HR from a business perspective and adding value in every step of the HR cycle. In looking back, I know I made the right career choice as I am inspired every day by the things I do.

What attracted you to move to make the move to Malta?

I moved to Malta from Barcelona, Spain while I’m originally from the USA. I was attracted to Malta because of the industry I work in. iGaming is of significant importance and Malta has created a very good working environment for companies like Tipico.

Any good things about Malta that you don’t think are often spoken of?

The Maltese people are very warm and welcoming. They always have good things to say and are accommodating to so many expats who work in the industry. I also think that iGaming has set a different standard for those Maltese that work in the industry by creating employment opportunities in such a dynamic sector.

What is your best experience of Malta on a working level?

The workforce in Malta is very professional, innovative and passionate. These are all great qualities when looking for new people to join our industry.

And on a personal level?

The Maltese are easy to get along with and eager to show off the island to all visitors.  There is a deep sense of pride in Malta and it feels good to be part of it.

Can you give me a snapshot of your working day?

Every day is quite different from the previous one, which is something I really like.  But in general, I work on issues ranging from recruiting to pay to performance to organisational design.  At the moment, for example, my focus is on performance management, rewards strategy and the implementation of a new HR Information System.

What’s your favourite part of Malta and why?

I really enjoy the colour of the water in Malta. It’s a blue like I’ve never seen in other places. And, of course, all the sunshine is easy to get used to.

What would you recommend to others about Malta?

Malta is a good mix of a fast-paced business centre with the laid back Mediterrean view on life. I find it to be just the right balance.