HR Director @ Raketech Group Ltd

Can you say a little bit about your job and explain what you do?

I manage the HR Shared Services and Office Management Teams at Raketech Group Ltd. Together with my teams I ensure Raketech offers the best employee experience in the industry. This includes constantly improving processes and coming up with innovative ideas to support our business goals but also ensuring our employees are happy.

How and why did you get into what you are doing?

I am passionate about business and people. Working in HR gives me the opportunity to work directly with both. By creating an engaging work experience my colleagues and I contribute to our business growth. It is very rewarding to see our business and employees grow and develop.

What attracted you to move to make the move Malta? Where did you move from?

To cut a long story short, I came as language student to Malta, fell in love with my partner and 13 years later I’m still here...

Any good things about Malta that you don’t think are often spoken of?

Malta offers a great life style in a truly international environment. It’s like living in a big city but still having the charm of a small town. Job opportunities, high quality of health care and infrastructure make Malta one of the top locations in Europe.

What is your best experience of Malta on a working level?

The gaming industry has turned Malta into the Silicon Valley of Europe and it is now mentioned alongside cities such as London, Berlin, Barcelona and Stockholm.  The industry gives me the opportunity to work hand in hand with highly experienced professionals coming from all over the world.

An on a personal level?

After so many years I could tell many great stories, but a truly life changing event was to move out of Sliema to convert a characterful 300-year -old house in a small village.  

Can you give me a snapshot of your working day?

Personally I prefer to start my day early, that way I get an overview of everything before the office gets busy. Besides the typical day to day HR tasks, I am working on a number of exciting projects. In HR communication is key, therefore I spend a good amount of my day talking to colleagues and stakeholders to share ideas and to discuss current and future projects.

What’s your favourite part of Malta and why?

My favourite place in Malta is my home. It provides me with everything I need to reenergise after a busy day.

What would you recommend to others about Malta?

Malta may be small but there is so much to discover. Don’t get stuck in Sliema and St. Julian’s - discover Malta’s hidden gems. There are numerous hidden small beaches, hiking trails and villages to be discovered in the south and north of the island.