Why and for how long have you been based in Malta?

I’ve been here since January 2015.  As a startup, Malta fits our initial requirements in a number of interesting ways. It has English as the primary business language, it offers a new adventure, direct grant support and it is still within the EU.

What things are there about Malta that make you operate here?

Being small and compact, the majority of services and needs for our employees are within easy reach. As a company focused on international digital markets, we are location agnostic so ancillary benefits become more important, from a quality of life perspective, for example. The business environment is international and both practical and legal aspects are derived mostly from the UK so the transition to Malta has been quite easy. Our investors found obvious benefits with Malta as a location too, with the effective tax rate being of particular interest.

Can you give us an example of where Malta’s gaming ecosytem set-up has helped your business?

The gambling companies that were the first of the tech companies to move to Malta, have helped create a more tech friendly environment. Knowing that we could recruit and attract staff locally and from abroad remains an important factor. Having services, such as accounting and legal, used to dealing with the digital space, also helps. In growing its presence beyond gambling, Malta has shown to be very supportive through efforts from Malta Enterprise, MBB and Business First for example.

What would you recommend to others about Malta?

Quality of life is a major consideration, both from a cost and social perspective – both of which have been notably good here in Malta.

Any good things about Malta that you don’t think are often spoken of?

Due to its size, it is quite a bit easier to get in contact with decision makers, both business and political, that drive the Maltese economy and help companies find the right opportunities for growth.

What is your best experience of Malta on a  business level?

Working with both technology and philanthropy, a number of organisations we deal with have their senior managers either full or part time in Malta. This has given us many opportunities to meet with them on “home ground”.

And on a personal level?

Quality of life has been a very positive experience overall.

Can you give me a snapshot of your working day?

Living and working in Sliema offers a great morning benefit – a nice ten-minute walk to the office. After our first morning stand-up meeting and planning session, the morning is quickly used up getting work done. In the office we tend to do lunch as a team and pick from one of the many great local restaurants, ftira’s are the current favourite. The second half of the day is usually spent on external communication, testing and business development. Being in the same time-zone as most of our clients makes this quite easy. We often wrap the day around 7 or 8pm so having both restaurants and a short walk home is ideal.

What’s your favourite part of Malta and why?

As a team our favourites vary from playing beach volleyball in Għadira, exploring Valletta on foot, having a nice seafront commute to the office and enjoying a sunset and moonrise beach barbecue at Goldenbay.